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With our sophisticated CAD system, Tricon creates a framing plan for each constuction component in your project. Every component in the wall is shown in its correct location - from windows and doors, to backing for the towel bars.

These drawings are then sent to our pr-emanufacturing plant where every wall for your project is built, labelled and shipped to your site.

All components are built in a controlled manufacturing environment ensuring accuracy, and assembly meeting rigorous standards.

Once on-site, boom cranes quickly position the walls, floors, and roof trusses in the exact location, and our field crews quickly erect them and make ready for the trades.

There are many benefits to utilizing pre-manufacturing:

  • Less material usage
  • Less material waste
  • No jobsite theft
  • Less experience required for the overall construction crew
  • Lower labour costs for construction
  • Less material damage from exposure to outside elements and/or handling
  • Greater speed of project completion
  • Delivery time/date guaranteed
  • Better project coordination
  • Perfect for sites with very little laydown area

For homeowners, you have the peace of mind that your home has been built exactly as you planned, using quality materials and professionally constructed.

For contractors, you know that wall units and roof trusses delivered by Tricon are going to be on time and made to exacting standards, making it easy for your crews to quickly install and erect.

Tricon. Build Smart. Build Better.