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Tricon uses precision pre-manufacturing technology to design and build wall panels, and flooring and roof trusses. That means our framing is made to exacting standards not always attained in traditional stick framing.

We can start building wall units and trusses before the foundation is in. That means we are already working on your home before the foundation is poured. As soon as the foundation is ready for framing your wall panels and roof trusses arrive on site, ready for assembly.

Using boom cranes, we quickly position walls, flooring and roof trusses, often positioning them in the exact location where our field crews quickly and efficiently erect them and make ready for the trades. The result: we save you time and labour.

There is another economic advantage in using our technology. It allows us to be very accurate in material take-offs, check for errors and omissions, while allowing us to optimize design layouts.

The result: we minimize material waste, deliver an accurate and detailed engineered solution that is constructed in a controlled manufacturing environment, significantly reducing human error.

To the best of our knowledge, Tricon is the only framing company to provide a guaranteed quote for material and labour because we can accurately estimate the materials, time and labour.

At Tricon, we can handle residential and commercial projects up to 150 suites. If it can be built from wood, we can build it.

Tricon. Build Smart. Build Better.