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Drafting Services

Design and drafting services are the unsung heroes of successful construction projects.

A quality set of plans, designed by a competent designer, is one of the best investments you will make to reduce confusion and costly redo's on the jobsite.

At Tricon, every project blueprint is drawn in 3D. It's one of the ways we ensure design errors are eliminated and that each home is constructed the way it was designed to be built. Tricon’s design team will provide you with a three-dimensional set of plans including:

  • Showing all client design requests
  • Incorporating the latest innovations in new materials and construction techniques
  • Providing details that reduce job-site confusion that often lead to cost overruns and delays.

Tricon provides custom home design as well as an extensive set of predesigned homes to choose from.

For large projects, Tricon provides the initial sketches and rough designs, then coordinates with the key professionals responsible for the project. Projects up to and including 4-unit projects (6,200 sq. ft.) are handled in-house at Tricon. Projects beyond this size are coordinated with additional professionals as needed.

Sketch Drawings

1 hour of design consultation

Drawings include the following:

  • All floor plans
  • Basement finish plan
  • All windows and doors shown
  • Kitchen layout
  • Bathroom layouts
  • All rooms labelled and sized
  • 1 Cross-section
  • Front elevation
  • 1 set of prints

Working Drawings

1 hour design consultation

Drawings include the following:

  • Foundation plan
  • All floor plans
  • Basement finish plan (if required)
  • Two cross-sections complete with details
  • Front, right, rear and left elevations
  • Electrical plan
  • Eight sets of blueprints (11 x 17)

Our drafting is competitively priced and backed by 17 years of experience and knowledge.

  • Sketches  $0.45/sq. ft.
  • Working Drawings  $1.20/sq. ft.
  • Attached Garage  $150 flat rate
  • Basement Finished Plan  $150 flat rate
  • Alterations to completed plans  $90 per hour

At Tricon, we believe building smart starts with smart plans. Contact us for more details.

Tricon. Build Smart. Build Better.