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Our history: From build to ‘Build Smart’

When we started Tricon in 1998, our original focus was on design and drafting.

Shortly thereafter we became a successful framing company, providing drafting and construction services to Nelson Lumber and Home Depot. But we weren’t satisfied. As we grew, we always believed there were better ways of building. There had to be ways to reduce costs while improving quality and efficiencies.

So we built an indoor framing shop where entire wall sections and ceiling trusses are assembled. It allowed us to cut down on waste and eliminate downtime on the job site when inclement weather stopped onsite construction. The result: we saved time and money.

We grew our design team using the latest CAD software. Having our own team means we deal first-hand with the client. It's faster and easier for everyone involved. Communication channels are simple and direct. It also makes us more accountable to you, our customer.

When we wanted to benefit from economies of scale we partnered with developers and started building subdivisions.

Today, Tricon works with many reputable developers such as Bellwether Properties, TransAmerica, City of Edmonton (HomeEd), West Corp, Carrington, Carlisle Group and Christiansen. But we've never forgotten our roots; we still enjoy the challenge of working on smaller developments and custom homes.

The result: Tricon has grown in to a vertically integrated design and build company. We continue to find new ways to work efficiently through better design, new technology, or boots on the ground.

We haven't forgotten the challenge we set ourselves back in 1998: to do things better in an industry that is conservative by nature.

Tricon. Build Smart. Build Better.