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Build Smart.  Build Better
It's why we exist. It's why we succeed.

Tricon is a wood-centric design and build company.

We are a vertically integrated construction company for both residential and commercial developments.

We started Tricon in 1998. Back then we set ourselves a challenge: to do things better in an industry that is conservative by nature. Since then we’ve never let our foot off the gas.
  • We wanted framing of buildings to be more effecient; so we created our own framing company so everything could be built indoors to control costs and ensure top quality.
  • We wanted to ensure on-time delivery of building materials; so we bought our own lumberyard.
  • We wanted to benefit from economies of scale; so we partnered with leading developers to build subdivisions more efficiently.

At Tricon, we serve homeowners, developers and individual contractors. Our goal: maximize the building process and deliver quality building solutions that are cost effective and profitable for all involved.

Whether you are an individual home buyer or a large developer, you can trust Tricon to design and build your custom home, multi-residential or commercial development efficiently and professionally, passing along savings to you.

Tricon. Build smart. Build better.